Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finding Resonance

I began a journal entry and it turned into this poem last night, and I felt it deeply. I wonder if others can see its message and would feel it too.

My wish/desire,
simultaneous diametric opposition:

I wish to be better.
And I wish to be less hard on myself.

My embarrassments run aplenty,
harsh criticism of my own actions run deep.

My light shines.
I am raven.
How perfect is my imperfection.

Accepting once and ever again until no more~
delight shadows a bright encounter.
Where does the curtain close, yet open?
How do I continue
in trenches
and in trepidation?

The warrior simply does not listen. (for that is how he/she conquers fear)

The warrior is still.

My warrior fights on.
Kicking, stepping, defeating.
Alight, on toes and

The fire in my core taps into sunlight,
today not clouds.

Still, where does one find that bootstrap,
the face to fight again
(the reset button)
the noteworthy to no one but yourself--
that I have made it this far.

And on I go. And I will do it all.
and again.

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