Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello Halloween Happiness

Tomorrow is November and it is hard to believe. All goes well, having gone through a 'crunchy' spot this week, cleared up by the coming to be beloved qigong I've got going on, and the shift of the moon to new.
I made it out to see some yellow leaves on the trees today, visiting the electricity of a lovely Wahkeena Falls on our gorgeous gorge this later afternoon. The light was dimming a bit so next time I'll go further. It was just nice to breathe the air. I would like to post some images... I need a digital camera to document life happenings after my summer of going technologically was like a party(or not) in 1999 one day when I found myself waiting for a new phone to arrive in the post, stuck in my house so I could sign for it, no internet, no nothing, well yes the NYT perhaps if my roommate had left it, awaiting this little piece of plastic and metal so that I could hop in my car to drive to Seattle and really be a part of 2008, but boy it was kinda weird! In any case my digital camera disappeared before my phone ever died and it has yet to be replaced.

To placate this need for visual stimulation of life...(mine or otherwise) I've got some images of Io, a moon of Jupiter, from the Cassini site. Check this site out! yes.

go to the images. choose your favorite. click and drag. Wha-lah! new image for your desktop maybe?? I peer at Jupiter's South pole when I close this browser.
well anyways. off track, but this is the blog of the evening. a stream.

please visit again soon. someday you might be surprised to see some visions that I capture with my own eyes and can transfer electronically. In the meantime, I will continue to cultivate my chi and see if it can get organized enough..... zap, from mind to machine--the bounteous images beheld by my eyes.